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Jim Dow (born 1942, Boston, Massachusetts) is an American photographer who specializes in photographing places. In the tradition of Walker Evans, Dow examines both high and low - baseball stadiums, universities, court houses, Americana, private clubs in New York. His detailed work is printed from 8×10″ negatives and brings the richness of texture and light to the forefront.[1]

Dow photographs urban and rural architectural sites--from drive-in fruit stands to Gothic cathedrals. 8×10″ negatives provide clarity and precision in his prints, either contact prints or 20×24″. His newest series is called "American Studies."[2]


  • 2012: “EAT,” A Lightbox Exhibition at Grand Central Terminal. (solo)
  • 2011: "American Studies," Janet Borden, Inc. (solo)
  • 2008: "Old School," Janet Borden, Inc. (solo)


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