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Jim Hefferon (born October 12, 1958) is a Professor of Mathematics at Saint Michael's College. He is known for his book about linear algebra that is available for downloading, with LaTeX source, and for his activity in the TeX community.

Early life[edit]

Jim Hefferon grew up in Connecticut and attended the University of Connecticut, where he obtained a PhD in mathematics in recursion theory as a student of Manuel Lerman.

Saint Michael's days[edit]

Jim Hefferon moved to Vermont in 1990 to take a job at Saint Michael's College. He became an active member of the Linux community, including founding the Vermont Area Group of Unix Enthusiasts.

TeX connection[edit]

In 1999 Jim became one of the core maintainers of the TeX archive CTAN. He is also a member of the TeX Users Group board of directors.

Other interests[edit]

Jim is a Ham radio enthusiast, holding the Extra Class license KE1AZ, and is active with Morse code.

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