Jim Kelly Peak

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Jim Kelly Peak
Jim Kelly Peak.jpg
Northern flank of Jim Kelly Peak
Elevation 2,107 m (6,913 ft)
Prominence 237 m (778 ft)
Listing List of volcanoes in Canada
List of Cascade volcanoes
Location British Columbia, Canada
Range Bedded Range
Coordinates 49°40′41″N 121°02′28.99″W / 49.67806°N 121.0413861°W / 49.67806; -121.0413861
Topo map NTS 92H/11
Type Lava dome
Volcanic arc/belt Pemberton Volcanic Belt
Canadian Cascade Arc

Jim Kelly Peak, also called Jim Kelly Mountain and Mount Jim Kelly, is the unofficial name conferred by bivouac.com[1] for a mountain in southwestern British Columbia, Canada, located 11 km (6.8 mi) south of Falls Lake and 20 km (12 mi) west of Tulameen. It lies in the Bedded Range of the northern Canadian Cascades.

The mountain is a lava dome composed of andesite only 1 km (0.62 mi) away from the eastern flank of Coquihalla Mountain, a larger but more rugged volcano. These two volcanoes form part of the deeply eroded Pemberton Volcanic Belt, which forms the oldest part of the Canadian Cascade Arc.


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Coordinates: 49°31′40″N 121°02′27″W / 49.52778°N 121.04083°W / 49.52778; -121.04083