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Jim Penman
Owner of Jim's Group
Personal details
Born (1952-05-08) 8 May 1952 (age 66)
Stourbridge, England
Alma materLa Trobe University
ProfessionFranchisor, Historian

Jim Penman is an Australian businessman and historian in the field of biohistory. He is the owner of Jim's Group.[1]

Early life[edit]

As a teenager, he was fascinated by the fall of Rome and why this happened.[2]

In 1982 Penman was completing his PhD in history when he decided to turn his part-time lawn mowing business into a full-time job in 1983-89.[3]

Jim’s Group[edit]

Penman focussed on setting up and selling lawn-mowing rounds rather than simply mowing lawns, taking on sub-contractors and selling around 100 rounds between 1983 and 1989.[1]

In 1988 VIP Home Services came into the market in Victoria, which prompted Penman to systemise his own processes and create the Jim's Mowing franchise. Jim's mandate is to be fanatical about service to both Franchisees and customers, working constantly to lower complaints and improve Franchisee satisfaction.[1]

After launching the Franchise in 1989, Penman was approached by people who wanted to use the Jim’s banner. The second division was Cleaning and since then the franchise model has been adapted to almost 50 different service industries.[4]

Penman is still the CEO of the group and actively involved in day-to-day operations.[1]

In 2018 Jim’s Group has a turnover of over $400 million, with more than 3,800 franchisees in four countries, Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand and Canada.[5] Jim's Group is currently preparing a prospectus for a possible float in late 2018.


The premise of epigenetics is that behaviour modelled in animals is correlated with and can predict human cultural trends. This area of endeavour has been his life’s work, in epigenetics and Biohistory.[6]

In the last decade the revolution in understanding through epigenetics has been correlated with the rise and fall of civilisations in human history. Penman has been actively engaged in this study,[7] publishing Biohistory and Biohistory The Decline and Fall of the West.[8]

Through research run with RMIT and The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health Penman is putting millions of dollars into projects dealing with mental illness, depression and anxiety.[1][9]

In the future, Penman hopes that by an understanding of epigenetic markers there will be advances in drug and alcohol treatments.[10]

Personal life[edit]

Penman is married to Li Huang Penman and has ten children.[citation needed]


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