Jim Rossignol

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Jim Rossignol
Rossignol thinkosium cropped.jpg
Born July 1978 (age 38)
Residence Bath, Somerset
Occupation Games journalist, critic, author
Partner(s) Amanda Ricaud
Children 2
Website http://rossignol.cream.org/

Jim Rossignol (born July 1978) is a British computer games journalist and critic, as well as an author. He has also branched out into games, founding the company Big Robot in 2010.[1]



Rossignol started his career a reporter on a finance newsletter. He says he was fired from the job due to obsession with a video game.[2] He currently writes for Rock, Paper, Shotgun.[3]


Rossignol has written a book entitled This Gaming Life: Travels in Three Cities, published by the University of Michigan imprint DigitalCultureBooks. The book examines the relationship between gamers and the videogames they play, via a tour through differing aspects of gaming culture in several parts of the world.


Rossignol lives with his fiancee Amanda Ricaud and their 2 children in Bath, Somerset.


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