Jim Rutenberg

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Jim Rutenberg
Jim Rutenberg @ SXSW 2016.jpg
Jim Rutenberg, 2016.
Born United States
Occupation Journalist

Jim Rutenberg is Media Columnist and former political correspondent for The New York Times, for whom he has written 1,600 articles.[1]


Rutenberg obtained his degree from New York University.


After graduating college in 1993, Rutenberg began working for the New York Daily News as a gossip stringer. He eventually worked his way up to becoming a general assignment reporter. In 1996, he was hired on staff and became a transit beat reporter. He left the Daily News in 1999 to work as a TV reporter for The New York Observer. One year later, he began working for The New York Times where he was responsible for covering media and local politics. He has also served as City Hall Bureau Chief.[2]


Rutenberg is married to art director Ondine Karady.[3]


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