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Jim Stallings is an American musician who played as a bassist with the Sir Douglas Quintet and had a successful single as a solo artist with "Heya". As J.J. Light, Stallings also issued an LP Heya! in 1969, though another 11 songs recorded for a second album were not released until included as bonus tracks on a CD reissue of the first album in 2008.

Stallings was sent to promote the single in England,[1] and found some success in Germany.


  1. ^ Michael Bryan Kelly Liberty Records: a history of the recording company 1993 p.316 "J. J. Light : J. J. Light was an artist who had one hit called 'Heya' in 1967," reports Lee Mendel of Liberty's international division. "He was of Indian background, and he had this hit and was totally unable to cope with success. We sent him over to England, and he couldn't get off the plane. It may have been the first time he was ever on a plane. Our man with the British company, who is a very good friend, still often talks [twenty-three years later] about trying to get J. J. Light off the plane to do promotion. Unfortunately they took him off the plane into a nursing home."