Jim Webb (Family Affairs)

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Jim Webb
Family Affairs character
Portrayed by Jo Dow
Duration 2000-2003
Occupation Mechanic

James (Jim) Webb was a fictional character in UK soap opera Family Affairs, played by Jo Dow from 2000 until 2003.

About Jim[edit]

Jim first arrived in Charnham in December 2000, not long after his sister Karen and her boyfriend Matt Ellis arrived. Jim had lost his wife, Cathy several years earlier.

Due to the cramped conditions at Number 12, where Matt and Karen were staying with Matt's Sister, Nikki Warrington and her family, Jim originally had intended to rent a room from Sadie Hargreaves across the street, but Sadie having a heart attack put paid to the idea. Jim remained with the Warringtons for the time being.

As 2001 approached, Jim and Karen's 19-Year-old brother Paul arrived. Paul managed to wind up several residents and lied to Jim on occasion, but Jim refused to give up on him.


Later that year, Linda Renshaw an old flame of Jim's reappeared in his life. It transpired that Linda was Paul's biological mother and Jim was not Paul's brother at all; He was in fact his biological father. Jim had gotten Linda pregnant when they were teenagers and Jim and Karen's parents raised Paul as their own and Jim went to join the army.

Complicated Romances[edit]

That December, Jim began an affair with Nikki, despite him recently marrying Cat Matthews who was pregnant with Jim's child. Nikki decided to end it and told Jim to go back to Cat. After a series of arguments, Cat's constant drinking and smoking which led to her aborting Jim's baby, Jim decided to separate from her.

Jim later put down roots in the area and bought Nikki's house after her husband Andrew decided to sell the house.

In 2002, Jim got involved with Geri Evans Cat's niece, but in an almost ironic twist, Jim slept with Cat again.


In September 2003, after a bungled business venture with Gabriel Drummond, which involved stolen cars and resulted in Jake Walker driving into the sandwich shop during a high-speed police chase and killing Robert Davenport and Fern Farmer, Jim decided to move back Spain to join Paul who had recently settled out there after reuniting with his on-off girlfriend Gemma Craig. Matt, Karen and their daughter Grace followed him and sold Number 12 to The Costellos.

Adoptive family[edit]

  • Adoptive Niece: Grace Ellis