Jimmy Connors Tennis

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Jimmy Connors Tennis
North American NES cover art
Developer(s)NMS Software
Composer(s)Mark Cooksey
Platform(s)Nintendo Entertainment System
Game Boy
Atari Lynx
  • NA: November 1993
  • EU: 1993
Mode(s)One player, two players

Jimmy Connors Tennis is a tennis simulation video game developed by NMS Software for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Game Boy, and published by Ubisoft in 1993. The game was also developed for the Atari Lynx console by Handmade Software and published by Ubisoft.[1]

The game features the name and likeness of American world-number-one tennis champion Jimmy Connors. Ubisoft published Jimmy Connors Tennis two years after Connors' late-career comeback in the Men's Singles division at the 1991 US Open, where he reached the semifinals.


The player can compete in an ATP World Tour at one of three difficulty levels, or just practice hitting tennis balls. Two players may play competitively. The Game Boy version of the game allows two-player competitive play over a Game Link Cable.

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