Jimmy Diggs

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Jimmy Diggs
Born (1955-09-02) September 2, 1955 (age 61)
Detroit, Michigan
Occupation Screenwriter and actor

Jimmy Diggs (born September 2, 1955) is an American television screenwriter best known for writing the stories for a combined seven episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager.[1] This is more episodes than any other freelance writer in the 40+ year history of the Star Trek franchise.[2]

A Vietnam veteran, Diggs was a security guard for a Hollywood studio when Renegade producer Nicholas Corea, who knew Diggs also wrote science fiction, asked him for a story pitch. The studio bought the story and launched his career in television writing.[3] Diggs operates his own production company, House of Diggs Productions.[2][3]

Diggs also does some acting. He has appeared in small roles in a 2003 episode of Renegade, plus the films Hole in One (2010) and Beach Bar: The Movie (2011), each time as a security guard or bodyguard.


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