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Jimmy Flynn
Born James P. Flynn
Occupation Actor and Teamster

James P. "Jimmy" Flynn (born February 5, 1934) is an American teamster and film actor. He was a reputed member of the famous Winter Hill Gang.[citation needed]


James P. Flynn was born in Somerville, Massachusetts. He stood at 6 feet (1.8 m) tall and weighed 180 pounds (82 kg) with blue eyes and blonde hair. He was arrested in Billerica, Massachusetts in the washroom of a restaurant. He was framed with the help of John Connolly and James J. Bulger for the murder of Winter Hill Gang mob associate Brian (Balloonhead) Halloran and attempted murder of Michael Donahue, who offered to drive the intoxicated Halloran home in South Boston, Massachusetts.[citation needed]

In 1986 he was tried and acquitted for that murder.[citation needed]

Flynn appeared in many films shot in the New England area. He has also been the Teamster Union's transportation coordinator, transportation captain in the transportation department on numerous film shoots and a truck driver for movie production equipment for the filming of 'My Best Friend's Girl' in 2008. In show business he uses the name 'James P. Flynn'. Flynn can be seen in such films as Good Will Hunting, The Cider House Rules and What's the Worst That Could Happen? Under the pretext of producing a movie, the FBI planned to catch people taking bribes in exchange for not making trouble when filmmakers used non-union truck drivers and non-union crew members on movie shoots in Boston. Film shooting actually occurred in several cities including New Orleans and Las Vegas, while in other major cities, evidence was obtained without using an actual crew made up of FBI personnel. As the investigation progressed from city to city, sealed indictments were obtained and only unsealed when the operation was concluded.[citation needed]

Boston actor Tom Kemp remarked: "[The film The Departed] wouldn't be a Boston movie without me, a Wahlberg, and Jimmy Flynn from the teamsters."[1]


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