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Jimmy Ponder (born May 10, 1946 - died September 16, 2013 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) was an American jazz guitarist.[1] [2]

Ponder started playing guitar at age 14, and was heavily influenced by Wes Montgomery and Kenny Burrell.[3] He began playing with Charles Earland at 17, and in the following years played with Lou Donaldson, Houston Person, Donald Byrd, Stanley Turrentine, and Jimmy McGriff. He moved to Philadelphia and later New York City in the 1970s, and recorded extensively as a leader for a number of jazz labels. Since the late 1980s, Jimmy frequently returned to his hometown to perform with his popular trio alongside two of Pittsburgh's other Jazz greats; Roger Humphries and Gene Ludwig. Ponder's most commercially successful releases were his 1978 Muse Records set All Things Beautiful (U.S. Billboard Jazz Albums #38) and 2000's Ain't Misbehavin', for HighNote (U.S. Jazz #16).[4] and his final release, 2007's "Somebody"s Child" (JazzWeek #3), also for High Note. 《ref》[jazz_20070611.pdf]


As leader[edit]

  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Cadet Records, 1973)
  • Illusions (Impulse! Records, 1976)
  • White Room (Impulse, 1977)
  • All Things Beautiful (LRC, 1978)
  • Seven Minds (America, 1979) released in France only
  • Ponder'n (51 West, 1981)
  • Down Here On The Ground (Milestone Records, 1984)
  • So Many Stars (Milestone, 1985)
  • Mean Streets - No Bridges (Muse Records, 1987)
  • Jump (Muse, 1988)
  • Come On Down (Muse, 1990)
  • To Reach A Dream (Muse, 1991) rec. 1988-1989
  • Jimmy Ponder: Sonny Lester Collection (LRC, 1991) compilation
  • Soul Eyes (Muse, 1995) rec. 1991
  • Something To Ponder (Muse, 1996) rec. 1994
  • James Street (HighNote Records, 1997)
  • Steel City Soul (32 Jazz, 1998) compilation
  • Guitar Christmas (HighNote, 1998)
  • Ain't Misbehavin' (HighNote, 2000) rec. 1998
  • Thumbs Up (HighNote, 2001)
  • Alone (HighNote, 2003) rec. 2000
  • What's New (HighNote, 2005) rec. 2002
  • Somebody’s Child (HighNote, 2007)[5]
  • Live At 'The Other End' (Explore Records, 2007) rec. 1982

As sideman[edit]

With Rusty Bryant

With Donald Byrd

With Lou Donaldson

With Charles Earland

  • Boss Organ (Choice Records, 1966)
  • Soul Crib (Choice, 1969)

With Andrew Hill

With Richard Groove Holmes

  • Blues All Day Long (Muse, 1988)
  • Hot Tat (Muse, 1989 [rel. 1991])

With Johnny Hodges

  • Rippin' & Runnin' (Verve, 1968)

With Willis Jackson

With Clifford Jordan

With Jack McDuff

With Jimmy McGriff

  • The Main Squeeze (Groove Merchant, 1974)
  • Stump Juice (Groove Merchant, 1975)

With John Patton

With Houston Person

With Sonny Phillips

  • My Black Flower (Muse, 1976)

With Shirley Scott

With Mickey Tucker

With Stanley Turrentine


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