Jimmy Spicer

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Jimmy Spicer
Birth name James Bromley Spicer
Born May 12th
Brooklyn, New York
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, record producer, songwriter
Years active 1970–1990
Labels Funky Bunch Trivia

James Bromley Spicer, better known by his stage name Jimmy Spicer, is an American hip hop recording artist who released a number of old school rap singles during the late 1970s and early 1980s.[1] Spicer was managed by Russell Simmons' Rush Management. His single "The Bubble Bunch" featured Jellybean Benitez's first remix.[1] Jimmy spicer has 3 daughters Angelina, Leticia, Janel Spicer and 1 son James Spicer.


This D.J., he gets down, mixing records while they go round, with a hip to the hop, and you just don't stop, producing funky tracks 'til it makes you drop.

  • Hi Hater, by Maino, used his original melody of Money (Dollar Bill Y'all)
  • The song, "The Bubble Bunch", was featured in the movie, "Dude, Where's My Car?"
  • Eyez Closed, by Snoop Dogg contains samples of "Money (Dollar Bill Y'all)"
  • The song "Outta Here" by KRS-One, a song outlining the early career path of BDP, has the lyric: "I remember how large Super Rhymes was when he fell off."


  • "Adventures of Super Rhyme (Rap)" (1980), Dazz Records - 12-inch single
  • "The Bubble Bunch" (1982), Mercury (US) - 12-inch single
  • "Money (Dollar Bill Y'all)" (1983), Spring Records - 12-inch single
  • "This Is It" / "Beat The Clock" (1985), Def Jam Recordings - 12-inch single
  • "$ Can't Buy U Luv (Money Can't Buy You Love)" (2010), Spice Rhymes [2]


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