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Jimmy The Idiot Boy is a cartoon character created and voiced by John Kricfalusi and was the official mascot for Kricfalusi's company Spümcø. He appears, drooling, in the Spümcø logo at the end of pre-1993 The Ren & Stimpy Show episodes, alongside the studio's tagline at the time. "The Danes call it quality".

Jimmy has appeared in comics, internet cartoons (including The Goddamn George Liquor Program) and the Björk music video for "I Miss You". He often appears with his uncle George Liquor, cousins Slab and Ernie, love interest Sody Pop and pet dog Dirty Dog. Jimmy has also appeared in the television series The Ripping Friends, in which he was created from the combined DNA of all four Ripping Friends.

Jimmy and Sody starred in a commercial for Aoki's Pizza.[1]

"I Miss You"[edit]

The music video for "I Miss You" was animated and directed by John Kricfalusi of Spümcø, best known for the Ren & Stimpy cartoons, which Björk admired. After one of Björk's concerts, she met up with Kricfalusi while wearing a Ren & Stimpy shirt, and the two of them decided to work together on the video. Jimmy the Idiot Boy joins her during various parts of the video. Another Kricfalusi character, George Liquor (Jimmy's uncle), makes a cameo in one scene.


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