Jin Jun Mei tea

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Jin Jun Mei
Jin Jun Mei.jpg

Other namesGolden Horse Eyebrow
OriginWuyi Mountains, Fujian Province, China

Jin Jun Mei tea
Traditional Chinese金駿眉
Simplified Chinese金骏眉
Literal meaningGolden Horse Eyebrow


Jin Jun Mei is a lapsang souchong black tea from Wuyishan City, Fujian Province, China. It is made from two small shoots[clarification needed] plucked in early spring from the plant's stem which are subsequently fully oxidised and then roasted to giving a tea that has a sweet, fruity and flowery flavour with a long lasting sweet after-taste. The brew is bright reddish in colour.

In China, this variety of tea is viewed as one of the most prestigious of all teas. Its price varies depending on the quality, ranging from US$2 to US$25 per gram (US$60 to US$700 per ounce).