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Jin Ming (Chinese: 金明; pinyin: Jīn Míng) (1913–1998) was a Chinese politician. He was originally from Qingzhou city, in Shandong province. In February 1932, he joined the Communist Youth League of China, and in the summer of the same year became a member of the Chinese Communist Party. He was a member of the Central Advisory Commission under the 12th and 13th Central Committees. He also served as the general secretary of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, the secretary of the CPC Hebei Committee (1979-1982), among other posts. He died in Beijing in 1998.

Preceded by
Huang Kecheng
Communist Party Chief of Hunan Succeeded by
Zhou Xiaozhou
Preceded by
Liu Zihou
Communist Party Chief of Hebei
Succeeded by
Gao Yang