Jin River (Sichuan)

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For Jin River in Fujian, see Jin River (Fujian).
The river is crossed by the Anshun Bridge in Chengdu

The Jin River (Chinese: ; pinyin: Jǐn Jiāng) is a river of Sichuan, China. It flows through the provincial capital of Chengdu and joins the Min Jiang at Pengshan.

The river has a history of serious pollution which in the past has led to the river choking and flooding. The Anshun Bridge in Chengdu was once destroyed in the 1980s during a period of flooding and was only rebuilt in 2003, after the Chengdu Municipal People's Government undertook an extensive river-cleaning project in 1997. The Municipal People's Government was awarded a prize for improving the environment of the river, from the United Nations.[1]


Coordinates: 30°13′28″N 103°54′28″E / 30.22444°N 103.90778°E / 30.22444; 103.90778