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Jin Seon-kyu

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Jin Seon-kyu
Jin in 2019
Born (1977-09-13) September 13, 1977 (age 46)
EducationKorea National University of Arts
Years active2004-present
AgentL'July Entertainment
(m. 2011)
Korean name
Revised RomanizationJin Seon-gyu
McCune–ReischauerChin Sŏnkyu

Jin Seon-kyu (born September 13, 1977)[1] is a South Korean actor. He is best known for his roles on the big screen, such as The Outlaws (2017) and Extreme Job (2019). He won Best Supporting Actor award at the 38th Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2017 for his performance in the film The Outlaws.[2]



Jin Seon-kyu was born on September 13, 1977 in Jinhae-gu, South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. He attended Jinhae High School [ko] and enjoyed sports such as weightlifting, taekwondo, and Hapkido. Jin had a timid personality, but when he started exercising, he became more vibrant.[3]

In 1996, during his final year of high school, Jin's aspirations took a different direction when he visited a small theater company in Jinhae with a friend. As he watched the cast practice together, he instantly fell in love with acting. Looking back, Jin realizes that he had always been shy and lived in the shadows, while others laughed and talked freely. Seeing this, he longed to immerse himself in that carefree atmosphere. Acting as someone else on stage brought him immense joy.[3]

During the summer vacation of Jin's senior year in high school, he informed his family about his intention to attend Korea National University of Arts to pursue acting. Some family members questioned if he would consider taking the comedian exam, as they believed that acting required a good-looking face.[4] His father also discouraged him. As the eldest son in the family, Jin's father wanted him to pursue a stable job due to their family's financial difficulties. Jin said, "This school has lower tuition compared to others, so why not go for it?" Jin's mother borrowed 1.2 million won for the entrance fee, allowing him to secretly enroll in the school. His father only learned about it when Jin presented his acceptance letter from Korea National University of Arts after the summer vacation. Jin then moved to Seoul to join the 3rd batch of the acting department at the university.[3][5]

He acted in graduation performance of Jang Yu-jeong musical.



Jin was one of the three founding members of Performance Delivery Service Ganda (簡多), along with Park Bo-kyung and Kim Ji-hyun. Theater Ganda was created during the time when Min Jun-ho was actively participating in regional performances, particularly in the production of The Mirror Princess Pyeonggang Story. In order to receive support funds and participate in festivals, they needed to have a theater company. That's why Min Jun-ho decided to establish Theater Ganda. The second batch of members included actors Kim Min-jae, Lee Hee-joon, Jeong Seon-ah, Park Min-jung, Jeong Yeon, Woo Ji-soon, and director Lee Jae-jun.[6]

Jin Seon-gyu debuted in 2004 with the play The Mirror Princess Pyeonggang Story.[7]

Jin Seon-gyu, who made his televion debut with the MBC drama 'Road Number One' (directed by Kim Jin-min) in 2010, appeared in dramas such as 'Mushin' (2012, directed by Kim Jin-min), 'Pride and Prejudice' (2014, directed by Kim Jin-min) and 'Three Days' (2014, directed by Shin Kyung-soo). Recently, he confirmed his appearance in the sequel to MBC's weekend drama 'The Rosy Lovers', 'The Woman' (directed by Kim Geun-hong).[8]

Jin auditioned for the role of Wen Sung-rok, a member of the Black Dragon faction from Yanbian, China, in Kang Yun-seong's movie "The Outlaws." After winning the Best Supporting Actor award unanimously from the judges at the Blue Dragon Film Awards for his performance in that role, he rose to stardom in the film industry.[9][10]

He appears in movie "Confidential Assignment 2: International" as Jang Myeong-jun. He portrays a villain from North Korea who serves as the head of a global criminal organization.[11]

Personal life


Jin Seon-kyu married actress Park Bo-kyung in 2011 and has two children, a son and a daughter.[12][13]




Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2008 The Good, the Bad, the Weird Ghost Market Gang [14]
2011 Poongsan North Korean army
Mama Dong-sook's Doctor
2012 Helpless Purser
All Bark No Bite Choong-mo
Mr. XXX-Kisser Tunnel Reporter
2014 Tabloid Truth Nam-heung
Venus Talk Deputy Kim
2015 The Sound of a Flower School Magazine Manager
Love Guide for Dumpees Man at the cafe
2016 The Hunt Kim Joong-hyeon (Yang-soon's father)
Tunnel Equipment Officer
2017 The Mayor Gil-soo
The Merciless Security Section Chief
The Outlaws Wi Seong-rak
The Fortress Cho-gwan Lee Doo-gap
The Swindlers Cousin Brother Cameo
2018 Herstory Photographer's voice Cameo
Dark Figure of Crime Detective Jo [15]
Intimate Strangers Facebook man's voice Cameo
The Villagers Kwak Byeong-doo
Unfinished Kim Cham-sa's Bodyguard 3, Kkong-chi
2019 Extreme Job Detective Ma [16]
Svaha: The Sixth Finger Monk Hae-an [17]
Money Park Chang-goo [18]
Roman Young Nam-bong Cameo [19]
Long Live the King Jo Gwang-choon [20]
Warning: Do Not Play Kim Jae-hyeon [21]
Man of Men Dae-gook [22]
2021 Space Sweepers Tiger Park / Park Kyung-soo Netflix Film [23]
Taeil Tae-il's Father Animated Film [24][25]
2022 Kingmaker A farmer who goes to Seo Chang-dae's drugstore Special appearance [26]
Confidential Assignment 2: International Jang Myung-jun [27][28]
2023 Count Si-heon [29]
Honey Sweet Byeong-hoon [30]
2024 Alienoid: Return to the Future Neung-pa [31]
TBA War and Revolt Kim Ja-ryeong Netflix Film [32]
Amazon Whal Myung-soo Bang-sik [33]

Television series

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2010 Road No. 1 Go Man-yong
2012 The Great Seer Lee Han-baek
God of War Gab-i
2014 Three Days Tattoo man killer
2015 Make a Woman Cry Hwang Kyeong-soo
Man of Men Extra
Six Flying Dragons Nam-eun
2016 Marriage Contract Oh Mi-ran's doctor
The Doctors Kim Chi-hyeon
Entourage Eun-gab's friend Cameo (episode 3–4 & 6)
2017 Man to Man Cameo
Live Up to Your Name Yeon-i's father
2018 Lawless Lawyer Motorcycle Officer Park Cameo (episode 1)
2019 Be Melodramatic Drama hero Cameo (episode 1 & 16) [34]
2021 Vincenzo unnamed robber #1, acting as a limousine taxi driver Cameo (episode 1) [35]
One the Woman Chicken delivery man [36]
2022 Through the Darkness Gook Young-soo [37]
Love All Play A sushi restaurant owner Cameo (episode 1) [38]
Behind Every Star himself Cameo (episode 2–3) [39]
2023 King the Land the policeman Cameo (episode 4) [40]
Revenant Gu Kang-mo Cameo [41]
The Uncanny Counter Ma Joo-seok Season 2 [42]

Web series

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2019–2020 Kingdom Deok-seong Season 1–2
2022 Bargain Noh Hyung-soo [43]
Big Bet So Jin-seok [44]
TBA Aema Gu Jung-ho [45]

Television shows

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2022–2023 Europe Outside Your Tent Cast Member Season 1 and 3 [46]

Music Video

Year Song name Artist Ref.
2017 "Cold" Yoon Jong-shin and Jung-in




Musical play performances
Year Title Role Theater Date Ref.
English Korean
2001 Flower Shop of Fear 공포의 꽃가게 guest number 1, Stein KNUA Arts Theater May 9 to 12 [47]
2003 Dressing... Shall We Do It? 드레싱 해드릴까요? KNUA Arts Theatre [48]
2004 The Wormwood 쑥부쟁이 Hunter,
Immature younger siblings
Jeonju Jarimwon Auditorium April 26 [49]
Iksan Circle Rehabilitation Center Outdoor Stage April 27
Jinan Jinsol Alternative School outdoor stage April 29
Gyeongsan Cheonggu Rehabilitation Center Auditorium May 1
Yangsan Evergreen House Auditorium May 3
Jeongseon Kangwon Land Resort Grand Volume May 5
Hapcheon Wongyeong High School Auditorium May 7
Goryeong St. Joseph Rehabilitation Center Auditorium May 8
Uiryeong Eunkwang School Auditorium May 10
The Mirror Princess Pyeonggang Story 거울공주 평강이야기 Wild boy Hansung Art Hall 4 October 12 to November 7 [50]
Seoul Arts Center December 13 to 15 [51]
Finding Mr. Destiny 김종욱 찾기 Multiman Seoul Arts Center December 17 to 19 [51]
2005 The Mirror Princess Pyeonggang Story
Small Theater Festival
거울공주 평강이야기 Wild boy Small Theater Festival January 25, 27 to February 20 [52]
March 1 to 27 [54]
The Mirror Princess Pyeonggang Story
The 2nd Busan International Theater Festival
거울공주 평강이야기 Busan Cultural Center and Busan Citizens' Center May 5 to 15 [55]
The Mirror Princess Pyeonggang Story
The Uijeongbu International Music Theatre Festival
의정부국제음악극축제 ; 거울공주 평강이야기 - 아카펠라 뮤지컬 Uijeongbu Arts Center (Foundation) small theater May 21 to 22 [56]
The Mirror Princess Pyeonggang Story
The Chuncheon International Theater Festival
거울공주 평강이야기 Gangwon-do Chuncheon City Culture and Arts Center June 26 to 30 [57]
The Mirror Princess Pyeonggang Story
The Milyang Summer Performing Arts Festival
거울공주 평강이야기 Miryang Summer Performing Arts Festival July 26 to October 30 [58]
The Mirror Princess Pyeonggang Story
17th Geochang International Theater Festival
(제17회) 거창국제연극제 ; 거울공주 평강이야기 Gamnamu Theater July 31 [59]
The Mirror Princess Pyeonggang Story
The 2005 Gwacheon Hanmadang Festival
거울공주 평강이야기 Civic Center Small Theater September 23 to 24 [60]
The Mirror Princess Pyeonggang Story
거울공주 평강이야기 Daehakro Guerrilla Theater September 27 to October 5 [61]
The Mirror Princess Pyeonggang Story
The 2005 Seoul Arts Market
거울공주 평강이야기 National Theater in Jangchung-dong, Seoul October 6 to 8 [62]
The Mirror Princess Pyeonggang Story 거울공주 평강이야기 Inkel Art Hall Building 2 October 12 to November 7 [63]
2005–2006 Oh! While You were Sleeping 오! 당신이 잠든사이 Daehakro Yeonwoo Small Theater December 1 to January 8 [64]
2006 The Mirror Princess Pyeonggang Story 거울공주 평강이야기 Wild Boy Arko Arts Theater small theater February 3 to 19 [65]
The Mirror Princess Pyeonggang Story 거울공주 평강이야기 - 당신을 뮤지컬 마니아로 만들 새로운 응원가 ; 살롱드라마시리즈 2 Ansan Arts Center (Foundation) Byulmuri Theater July 14 to 15 [66]
2007–2008 Finding Mr. Destiny Season 3 김종욱 찾기 시즌3 Multiman JTN Art Hall 1
(Daehakro Arts Plaza Hall 1)
October 23–February 17 [67][68]
2008 The Story of Mirror Princess Pyeonggang 거울공주 평강이야기 Wild Boy Daehakro Naeon Theater August 10 [69]
Finding Mr. Destiny Season 3 김종욱 찾기 시즌3 Multiman JTN Art Hall 1
(Daehakro Arts Plaza Hall 1)
September 5 [70]
2009 Daegu Bongsan Cultural Center Grand Performance Hall (Gaon Hall) January 14–February 15
Daejeon Arts Center Ensemble Hall February 26–March 1
2009–2010 Jeomjeom 점점 Kim Bo-sal Chungmu Art Hall Medium theater black November 25 to February 7 [71]
2012–2013 Legally Blonde 리걸리 블론드 Emmet COEX Artium Hyundai Art Hall Nov 17–Mar 17 [72]
Mirror Princess Pyeonggang Story 거울공주 평강이야기 wild boy Daehakro SH Art Hall December 11–March 31 [73]
2013–2014 Agatha 아가사 Roy Lee Hae-rang Arts Theatre Dec 31–Feb 23 [74]
2014 Yes 24 Stage 2 Mar 1–Apr 27
The Goddess is Watching 여신님이 보고 계셔 Lee Chang-seop Doosan Art Center Yeongang Hall Apr 26–Jul 27 [75]
2015 The Dwarfs 난쟁이들 Big Chungmu Art Center Medium Theater Black Feb 27—April 26 [76]
2019 Navillera 나빌레라 Shim Deok-chul Seoul Arts Centre CJ Towol Theatre May 1–12 [77]
2021 Taeil 태일 Taeil Daehakro Team Feb 23–May 2 [78]


Theater play performances
Year Title Role Theater Date Ref.
English Korean
2000 Woyzeck 보이첵 businessman,
KNUA Arts Theater April 20 [79]
2001 Barbarian Woman Ongnyeo 오랑캐 여자 옹녀 KNUA Arts Theater May 17-19 [80]
Hamlet in Blue 햄릿인 블루 KNUA Arts Theatre November 1 to 3 [81]
2002 Our Country's Right 우리나라 우투리 Seoul Arts Center Jayu Small Theater August 23 to September 1 [82]
The Hen Who Came Out of the Yard 마당을 나온 암탉 traveler,
green hair
Cultural Center small theater January 23 to February 17 [83]
2003 De La Guarda 델라구아다 acrobat Sejong Center for the Performing Arts April 31 [84]
Lovers of the Greek Drama 희랍극의 연인들
Open Couple Lighting Staff Cultural Arts Foundation Academic Blue April 18-19 [85]
2004 The Story of Hareuk 하륵이야기 Emmett Seoul Arts Center Jayu Small Theater January 15 to February 8 [86]
2006 The Mask 더 마스크 Cleaning lady
2007 Chilsu and Mansu 칠수와 만수 Man-su Yeonwoo Small Theater March 30 to July 29 [87]
That Bastard Loved 그자식 사랑했네 Arko Art Theater December 11 to 30 [88]
2007–2008 Annapurna of My Heart 내 마음의 안나푸르나 son-in-law Daehakro Theater May 16 to June 18
2008 Shall we go to karaoke... and talk? 우리 노래방 가서... 얘기 좀 할까? father Parade to commemorate the opening of
Daehakro Naeon Theater
March 7 to April 6 [69] [89]
That Bastard Loved 그자식 사랑했네 April 12 to May 12 [69][90]
Annapurna of My Heart 내 마음의 안나푸르나 son-in-law May 16 to June 18 [69][91][92]
End Room 끝방 June 24 - July 20 [69]
The Mask 더 마스크 September 1 [93]
Once Upon a Time 옛날 옛적에 September 3 [69]
2009 Shall we go to karaoke... and talk? 우리 노래방 가서... 얘기 좀 할까? Karaoke owner Arirang Art Hall in Seongbuk-gu March 6
The Tale of a Slow Thief 늘근도둑 이야기 younger thief Sangmyung Art Hall
2011 Bald Female Singer 대머리 여가수 Mr. Seo Daehakro SM Art Hall Jan 14–Mar 31
If I'm with You 너와 함께라면 father Gyeonggi Arts Center Cozy Small Theater Oct 22–23
2011-2012 Koiso Kunitaro COEX Art Hall April 22–Jan 1
2012 Chilsu and Mansu 칠수와 만수 Mansu Daehakro T.O.M. Building 1 May 4–July 8
2012–2013 That place 거기 Byeongdo Art One Theater Hall 3 Seo 7–Feb 4
2013 Me and Grandpa 나와 할아버지 Grandpa Art One Theater Hall 3 Feb 2–April 20 [94]
The Story of Fairy 선녀씨 이야기 Jong-woo Art Center K Nemo Theater Aug 16–Sep 15 [95]
2013–2014 Almost, Maine 올모스트 메인 East Art Plaza 4, Daehak-ro Nov 11–Jan 19 [96]
2014 Me and Grandpa 나와 할아버지 - 고양 Jun-hee Art One Theater Hall 3 Feb 2–April 20 [97]
Autumn Fireflies 가을 반딧불이 Bunpei Seoul Arts Center Jayu Small Theater Jun 19-Jul 20 [98]
Shall We Go to the Karaoke and Talk? 우리 노래방가서 얘기 좀 할까 Min-jae Dongsung Art Centre Small Theatre Aug 9–Oct 19 [99]
Oct 6
Gyeonggi Art Centre Small Theatre Dec 24–25
2014–2015 Hot Summer 뜨거운 여름 Jae-hee Dongsung Art Center Small Theater Nov 1–Jan 11 [100]
2015 Me and Grandpa 나와 할아버지 - 고양 Grandpa Yegreen Theater May 5—Aug 02 [101]
Hot Summer 뜨거운 여름 Jae-hee Daehak-ro Jayu Theater August 11 to November 1 [102]
2016 Me and Grandpa 나와 할아버지 - 고양 Grandpa Gangdong Art Center Small Theater Dream June 9—11 [103]
2017 New Humanity's 100% Debate 신인류의 백분토론 Jeon Jin-ki Arko Arts Theater Small Theater February 10 to 26 [104]
Art One Theater 3 May 19 to July 9 [105]
Goyang Aram Nuri Sara Sae Theater July 15 to 22 [106]
2018 Doosan Humanities Theater 2018 Altruism - Nassim 두산인문극장 2018 이타주의자 - 낫심 Doosan Art Center Space111 April 10—29 [107]
New Humanity's 100% Debate 신인류의 백분토론 Jeon Jin-ki Hongik University Daehangno Art Center Small Theater July 20 to August 19 [108]
2019 Me and Grandpa 나와 할아버지 - 고양 Grandpa Seokyeong University Performing Arts Center Scone Hall 1 Feb 8–Mar 8 [109]
2020 Shall We Go to the Karaoke and Talk? 우리 노래방가서 얘기 좀 할까 Min-jae Seokyeong University Performing Arts Center Scone Hall 1 Feb 8–Mar 8 [110]
2024 Flower, Past the Stars 꽃, 별이 지나 Jeong-hu Seokyeong University Performing Arts Center Scone Hall 1 June 8, 2024 [111]





Awards and nominations

Name of the award ceremony, year presented, category, nominee of the award, and the result of the nomination
Award ceremony Year Category Nominee / Work Result Ref.
APAN Star Awards 2022 Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Through the Darkness Won [114]
Baeksang Arts Awards 2018 Best Supporting Actor – Film The Outlaws Nominated [115]
2019 Extreme Job Nominated [116]
Blue Dragon Film Awards 2017 Best Supporting Actor The Outlaws Won [117]
2019 Extreme Job Nominated [118]
2021 Space Sweepers Nominated [119]
Blue Dragon Series Awards 2023 Best Actor Bargain Nominated [120]
Brand of the Year Awards 2019 Film Actor of the Year Won [121]
Buil Film Awards 2019 Best Supporting Actor Extreme Job Nominated [122]
Chunsa Film Art Awards 2018 The Outlaws Nominated [123]
2019 Extreme Job Nominated [124]
Film Award of the Year 2018 The Outlaws Won [125]
Grand Bell Awards 2018 Nominated [126]
2020 Extreme Job Won [127]
2023 Best Actor in a series Bargain Pending [128]
Korean Association of Film Critics Awards 2019 Best Supporting Actor Extreme Job Won [129]
SBS Drama Awards 2022 Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Genre/Fantasy Drama Through the Darkness Won [130]
Best Supporting Team Nominated [131]
2023 Best Performance Revenant Won [132]
The Seoul Awards 2018 Best Supporting Actor (Film) The Outlaws Nominated [133]
Scene Stealer Festival 2021 Bonsang "Main Prize" Space Sweepers Won

State honors

Name of country, year given, and name of honor
Country Or Organization Year Honor Or Award Ref.
South Korea[note 1] 2019 Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Commendation [137]


Name of publisher, year listed, name of listicle, and placement
Publisher Year Listicle Placement Ref.
The Screen 2019 2009–2019 Top Box Office Powerhouse Actors in Korean Movies 44th [138]


  1. ^ Honors are given at the Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards, arranged by the Korea Creative Content Agency and hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.[134][135] They are awarded to those who have contributed to the arts and South Korea's pop culture.[136]


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