Jin Yan

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Jin Yan
Background information
Chinese name 金焰 (traditional)
Chinese name 金焰 (simplified)
Birth name Kim Duk Rin (김덕린; 金德麟)
Born (1910-04-07)April 7, 1910
Seoul, Empire of Korea
Died December 27, 1983(1983-12-27) (aged 73)
Shanghai, China
Other name(s) Raymond King
Years active 1928–58
Spouse(s) Wang Renmei (1934–44)
Qin Yi (1947–83)
Children Jin Jie (son)
Jin Feiheng (step-daughter)[1]
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Jin.
Jin Yan with first wife Wang Renmei in the movie Wild Flowers (1930 film) (zh)
Jin Yan with Qin Yi, his second wife

Jin Yan (April 7, 1910 – December 27, 1983) was a Korean-born actor who gained fame in China during the country's golden age of cinema, based in Shanghai. His acting talents and good looks gained him much popularity in the 1930s. He was dubbed the "Film Emperor" and the "Rudolph Valentino of Shanghai".[2]


Year Film Chinese Title Character Portrayed
1928 Mulan Joins the Army 花木蘭從軍 Soldier
1929 Four Heroes of the Wang Family II 王氏四俠-續集 Wang Zhang Yun (王長雲)
1929 Romantic Swordsman 風流劍客 Long Fei (龍飛)
1930 Wild Flowers (1930 film) (zh) 野草閒花 Huang Yun (黃雲)
1931 Love and Duty 戀愛與義務 Li Zu Yi (李祖義)
1931 A Spray of Plum Blossoms 一剪梅 Hu Lun Ting (胡倫廷) [Valentine]
1931 Peach Blossom Weeps Tears of Blood 桃花泣血記 Jin De En (金德恩)
1931 Two Galaxy Stars 銀漢雙星 Yang Yi Yun (楊倚雲)
1932 Wild Roses (1932 film) (zh) 野玫瑰 Jiang Bo (江波)
1932 Confront the National Crisis Together 共赴國難 Volunteer Soldier
1932 Humanity 人道 Zhao Min Jie
1932 A Music Teacher 海外鵑魂 Zhong Zhi Gang
1933 Three Modern Women 三個摩登女性 Zhang Yu
1933 Night in the City 城市之夜
1933 Light of Mother 母性之光 Jia Hu (家瑚)
1934 Golden Age 黄金时代 Zeng Zhang Chun
1934 The Big Road 大路 Jin Ge (金哥)
1935 The New Peach Blossom Fan 新桃花扇 Fang Yu Min
1936 Soaring Aspiration (zh) 壯志凌雲 Shun Er (Young Adult) (順兒青年)
1936 Waves Washing the Sand 浪淘沙 Ah Long
1936 Return to Nature 到自然去 Ma Long
1938 Unexpected Tears of Blood 情天血淚
1938 Wu Song and Pan Jin Lian 武鬆與潘金蓮 Wu Song
1939 Lin Chong, the Outlaw 林沖雪夜殲仇記
1940 The Vast Sky Jin Wan Li
1947 Ideal Son-in-Law 乘龍快婿 Situ Yan (司徒炎)
1947 Spring Melody 迎春曲 Dong Fan Xi
1949 Lost Love 失去的愛情
1950 The World Bright Again 大地重光 Lao Shen (老沈)
1954 The Great Beginning 偉大的起點 Department Head Nie (聶部長)
1956 Mother 母親 Lao Deng (老鄧)
1957 Brave Eagle in the Rainstorm 暴風雨中的雄鷹 Lao Ba Er (老巴爾)
1958 Red Flag at the Sea 海上紅旗 Secretary Tang (唐書記)
1958 Love the Factory as a Home 愛廠如家 Industrial Department Head (工業部長)


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