Jin Youzhi

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Jin.
Full name
Aisin Gioro Puren
House House of Aisin Gioro
Father Zaifeng
Born (1918-08-17) 17 August 1918 (age 96)
Beijing, China

Jin Youzhi (born 17 August 1918), also known as Puren, is the fourth and youngest son of Zaifeng, and is, at age 96, the only surviving sibling of Puyi, the final ruler of the Qing Dynasty and last Emperor of China.

Instead of using his Manchu clan name Aisin Gioro as a family name, Puren has adopted the surname Jin (金), which means "gold" in Mandarin Chinese as does "Aisin" in the Manchu language. His courtesy name is Youzhi (友之). The Chinese media has referred to him as "The Last Emperor's Younger Brother" or "The Last Imperial Younger Brother" (最后的皇弟).[1]

Puren was born in the Prince Chun Mansion in Shichahai, Beijing. After receiving an early education in Chinese classics and traditional art, he established a public primary school in the Prince Chun Mansion in 1947 with support from his father. He was the principal of the school while his sister was a teacher there. The school was later donated to the People's Republic of China government, and Puren continued working as a teacher until retiring in 1988. In his retirement, Puren has written books on the history of the Qing Dynasty and literature.

Puren has served three terms as a delegate to the Municipal Political Consultative Conference of Beijing, and was also a researcher in Chinese history at the Beijing Research Institute.

Puren is heir to the Manchu throne under the rule of primogeniture, but he has repudiated his claim. The 1937 Manchukuo succession law, the latest agreed-upon succession rule of the Aisin Gioro clan, does not provide for succession by a half brother.[2]


  • Father: Zaifeng
  • Mother: Lady Denggiya (鄧佳氏), a secondary spouse of Zaifeng.
  • Spouses:
    • Jin Yuting (金瑜庭), Puren's primary spouse.
    • Zhang Maoying (張茂瀅), Puren's secondary spouse.
  • Children:
    • Sons:
      • Jin Yuzhang (金毓嶂; b. 1942), married Liu Yumin (劉玉敏), had a daughter Jin Xin (金鑫; b. 1976).
      • Jin Yuquan (金毓峑; b. 1946), married Cheng Yingying (程迎盈), had a daughter Jin Jun (金鈞).
      • Jin Yulan (金毓嵐; b. 1948), married Zhou Qingxue (周清學), had a daughter Jin Zhao (金釗).
    • Daughters:
      • Jin Yukun (金毓琨), had a son Du Jingzhe (杜京哲).
      • Jin Yucheng (金毓珵), had a son Qiao Xiaodong (喬曉冬).


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Jin Youzhi
Born: 17 August 1918
Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Emperor of China
28 February 1994 – present
Reason for succession failure:
Empire abolished in 1912
Jin Yuzhang
Emperor of Manchukuo
28 February 1994 – present
Reason for succession failure:
Empire abolished in 1945