Jin of Xia

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King Jin of Xia
King of the Xia dynasty
Reign1810 – 1789 BC
PredecessorKing Jiong
SuccessorKong Jia
FatherKing Jiong

Jǐn () was a king of China, the 13th ruler of the semi-legendary Xia Dynasty. His other name is Yinjia (胤甲).[1][2]


Jin probably ruled for about 21 years. His father was King Jiong of Xia and his name means "shack".

According to the Bamboo Annals, Jin moved the capital to West River (西河).[3] In the fourth year of Jin’s reign, he missed his former hometown and made the music of West Sound.[4]

In the eighth year of his regime, there was a very serious drought.[5]

One of his vassals, Ji Fan, was the leader of Kunwu. Originally he was assigned to the land of Wei, but he moved his capital from Wei to Xu.


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Jin of Xia
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of China
1810 BC – 1789 BC
Succeeded by
Kong Jia