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Jinbei 金杯
Product type Automobile marque
Owner Brilliance Auto
Country China
Introduced 1989
Website jinbei.com
Jinbei minibuses on display in Chile, 2010

Jinbei (Chinese: 金杯; pinyin: Jīnbēi; literally: "Gold Cup") is an automobile marque owned by Brilliance Jinbei Automobile Co., Ltd.,[1] a subsidiary of Brilliance Auto, based in Shenyang, Liaoning, China.

The name "Jinbei" means gold (jin) cup (bei) in Chinese.

The Company (through its 60.9% - owned subsidiary, Shenyang Automotive) manufactures and sells all of its minibuses under the "Jinbei" and "Granse" brand name in a variety of models based on the structure of the Toyota Hiace vans in China. The Group's principal minibus products are the deluxe minibus and the mid-priced minibus, targeting different market segments in the Chinese commercial and passenger car segments. The deluxe models and mid-priced models include the "Granse", the "Aurora" and the "Shuttler" etc.,[2]


Shenyang Jinbei produces the Jinbei Haise, also known as the "Haishi" (海狮), the Jinbei's version of Toyota Hiace, and also produces the Granvia, locally called the "Geruisi" (阁瑞斯) (Jinbei Granse) under a partnership with Toyota since 1989. Current production of Jinbei is about 80,000 units per year.

Chinese-built models are exported to numerous countries, one of them is Chile, that started to receive them in 2008.

There are also Jinbei trucks (also known as JBC), SUVs, and pick-ups (also known as BoonKoon).[3] They are made by Shenyang Jinbei Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Brilliance Auto.[4]

Current Models[edit]

(As of January 2014)

Production outside China[edit]

Units for the African market are manufactured by the Bavarian Auto Manufacturing Company, an Egyptian subsidiary of BMW, in the 6th of October City South west Cairo-Egypt. Available model is the Jinbei Cargo Van[5] (de) which is available as an ambulance or police car also. It is assembled in the 1999 and 2003 generation versions.

Another manufacturer of Jinbei vehicles is IKK Ichigan, Inc.[6][7] in Manila, Philippines which offeres the assembled models Jinbei 2 Ton, Jinbei 3 Ton and Jinbei 3 Ton. The Haise and Granse models are imported by the company and are not listed in its official product lineup.


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