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Jindřich Zelený (13 November 1922 – 11 September 1997) (translation: Henry Green) was a Czech philosopher and the author of several books.

Early years[edit]

He was born in Bítovany, Czech Republic in 1922 and attended school in Chrudim and Hradec Králové. In 1948, Zeleny received a Ph.D. in philosophy and sociology from Charles University in Prague.[1]


Zelený taught at Charles University, VŠPHV, University of Economics, and Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (CSAV) FU. In 1981, he was admitted to the CSAV.[1]

Most of his work is published in the Czech language. However, The logic of Marx, translated into English language and edited by Terrell Carver, was published in 1980. Die Wissenschaftslogik bei Marx und "Das Kapital" was published 1968 in the German language.

Later years[edit]

Zelený retired from teaching in 1990, and died in Prague in 1997.[1]

Partial bibliography[edit]

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