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Jinfeng District (simplified Chinese: 金凤区; traditional Chinese: 金鳳區; pinyin: Jīnfèng Qū; Wade–Giles: Chin-fêng Ch’ü) is a district under the administration of Yinchuan city in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China. It has a total area of 290 square kilometers, and, according to the 2010 China Census, a population of 282,554 people.[1]


Jinfeng District has developed industry in recent years. Industry in the district is divided into the New Material Industrial Park, the New High-Tech Industrial Park, the Specialized Medicine Industrial Park, and the Comprehensive Industrial Park. The district forms one of the cores of Yinchuan's industrial economy. The district government is located on East Xinxia Road, and the district's postal code is 750011. In 2006, Yinchuan's city-level government moved from Xingqing District to Jinfeng District, so Jinfeng District will become the administrative center of Yinchuan in the future.


Coordinates: 38°28′29″N 106°14′24″E / 38.47472°N 106.24000°E / 38.47472; 106.24000