Jing'an Park

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Jing'an Park
American Company, Shanghai Volunteer Corps, Memorial Day, 1933 (7203520106).jpg
The American Company of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps present arms during the Memorial Day exercises at the Bubbling Well Cemetery
Jing'an Park is located in Shanghai
Jing'an Park
LocationNanjing Road
Nearest cityShanghai
Coordinates31°13′20″N 121°26′48″E / 31.2222°N 121.4468°E / 31.2222; 121.4468

Jing'an Park (Chinese: 静安公园; pinyin: Jīng'ān Gōngyuán) is a park located at the Western section of Nanjing Road, just opposite the Jing'an Temple in Shanghai, China. It occupies the site of the former Bubbling Well Road Cemetery.


The park is located at the crossing of Nanjing Road and Changshu Road, extending over the area south of Jing'an Temple Station.

Bubbling Well Cemetery[edit]

What today constitutes the Western section of Nanjing Road was originally called Bubbling Well Road. Bubbling Well Cemetery was opened in 1898 and closed in 1951 with redevelopment into a park taking place in 1954. There were approximately 5,500 total burials and approximately 1,350 cremation conducted in the cemetery. In the winter of 1953-54 the cemetery was reclaimed for redevelopment. There were 43 British naval and 13 British military graves. In the process of removal of the military graves the Chinese authorities deliberately obliterated all details other than names [1] The lane of plane trees down Jing'an Park's centre is a surviving feature of the former cemetery.[2]

The following people of note were buried or cremated in the cemetery:


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