Jing Ju

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Jing.
Jing Ju
Traditional Chinese 景駒
Simplified Chinese 景驹

Jing Ju (died 208 BC) was one of the leaders during the Dazexiang Uprising against the Qin Dynasty.

Upon hearing the news of Chen Sheng defeated by the Qin forces and uncertain about his death, his subordinate Qin Jia (秦嘉) persuaded him to claim the title of "King of Chu" (楚王). Shortly after, the Chu general Xiang Liang claimed that Jing Ju had betrayed Chen Sheng by claiming the latter's title, so he sent Ying Bu to defeat Qin Jia, which resulted in executions for both Qin Jia and Jing Ju.[1]


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Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Chen Sheng
King of Chu
209 BC – 208 BC
Reason for succession failure:
Defeated by Xiang Liang
Succeeded by
Emperor Yi of Chu