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Jing Tian
Chinese name 景甜
Pinyin Jing Tian (Mandarin)
Born (1988-07-21) July 21, 1988 (age 28)
Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Occupation Actress
Years active 2008–present

Jing Tian (born July 21, 1988) is a Chinese actress. She graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy and Beijing Film Academy. She is known for her roles in war epic The Warring States (2011) and the action films Special ID and Police Story 2013 (both in 2013). She is part of the cast for three Legendary Pictures films, including a prominent role in The Great Wall (2016) as well as Kong: Skull Island (2017) and the upcoming Pacific Rim: Uprising.[1][2]



Year Title Chinese Title Role Notes
2008 Anaconda Frightened 狂蟒惊魂 Tian Juan
2010 My Belle Boss 我的美女老板 Emma
2011 The Warring States 战国 Tian Xi
2012 Ultra Reinforcement 超时空救兵 Princess Ling Zhi
Shadows of Love 影子爱人 Xu Yuan
Tears in Heaven 新妈妈再爱我一次 Dong Xiaolin
2013 Better and Better 越来越好之村晚 Lian Sheng
Special ID 特殊身份 Wan Jing
Police Story 2013 警察故事2013 Miao Miao
2014 From Vegas to Macau 澳门风云 Luo Xin
Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn 龙之谷:破晓奇兵 Argenta
2016 The Great Wall 长城 Lin Mae
2017 Kong: Skull Island San Lin
Fist and Faith 青禾男高 [3]
2018 Pacific Rim: Uprising Liwen Shao [4]

Television series[edit]

Year Title Chinese Title Role Notes
2009 The Epic of a Woman 一个女人的史诗 Ouyang Xue
2013 Biography of Sun Tsu 孙子大传 Yi Luo
2015 Ban Shu Legend 班淑传奇 Ban Shu
The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Da Yu'er
2017 The Glory of Tang Dynasty 大唐荣耀 Shen Zhenzhu
2018 The King of Blaze 火王 Chʻien Mei

Awards and nominations[edit]

Jing Tian is the only Hollywood International Award winner in Hollywood Film Awards history. According to the press release, she won the inaugural award because her "performances have ignited the box office in her native land", and the award "was established to recognize cinematic talent from around the world and will be given every year",[5] but the award was discontinued the following year.[6]

Jing Tian has also been nominated for "Most Disappointing Actress" at the Golden Broom Awards (China's equivalent of Golden Raspberry Awards) three times, winning twice.[7]

Year # Award Category Work Result
2014 18th Hollywood Film Awards Hollywood International Award unknown Won
2013 4th[8] Golden Broom Awards Most Disappointing Actress Shadow of Love, Tears in Heaven Nominated
2014 5th[9] Special ID, Police Story 2013 Won
2017 8th[10] The Great Wall Won


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