Jing Tianming

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Jing Tianming
Personal information
Gender Male
Family Jing Ke (father)
Li Ji (mother)
Ge Nie(Godfather)
Teachers Ge Nie
Master Ban
Gao Jianli
Master Xu
Chef Ding
Fu Nian
Yan Lu
Zhang Liang
Skills and abilities
Qinggong None Yet
Neigong Immense internal energy from previous leader of Mohist School (Prince Dan)
Unarmed combat skills None Yet
Armed combat skills Knife of Dismembering Cows
Weapons Anti-War Weapon, Momei

Jing Tianming (Chinese: 荆天明; pinyin: jīng tiān míng)is one of the main protagonists of the Chinese television series, The Legend of Qin (animated TV series). His age is 12, and his clothes are nothing more than simple peasant or street kid garments. He was originally the son of a yet unknown swordsman. Stricken by a curse at a very young age, he was taken on a journey with Ge Nie, in order to find a cure. Throughout his journey, he encounters many friends and foes, and ultimately matures into something greater than a swordsman.


Season 1[edit]

Tianming is introduced as a 12-year-old boy who follows around a calm and powerful swordsman named Ge Nie. They journey together and Ge Nie is considered by Tianming as 'Uncle'. They first encounter 300 heavy armored soldiers and Ge Nie shows off his sword skills causing Tianming to be in awe and wanting to be as strong as his Uncle. But due to Ge Nie being injured in the fight, Tianming attempts to find someone to help his Uncle. On the journey of finding help he ends up meeting Xiang Shaoyu who becomes his 'Big Brother', Gao Yue who Tianming falls for and starts to truly care for her, and Duanmu Rong who is a sister-like figure to Gao Yue and an intelligent medic who saves Ge Nie. Duanmu Rong, Gao Yue and Master Ban (a character Tianming has a playful relationship with) is all from the renowned Mohists.


Tianming is a bright and cheerful boy, at the age of 12. He is playful and mischievous though protective of his friends. He has a crush on Gao Yue (Yue`Er), a girl under the care of Mohists, though he thinks that her big sister, Duanmu Rong, is a cold person whose face is 'stiff as a board'. He treats Ge Nie as his father, and aspires to become a swordsman just like him. He also has a continuous rivalry with Xiang ShaoYu, and a playful relationship with Master Ban. He has a 'passionate' love for food and immediately goes berserk if someone eats his food or destroys it. Although quite shallow in certain aspects, his loyalty, braveness and innocence stand out as some of his more positive traits. Perhaps the most driving aspect of his character, is his belief that his father will return to him one day, thus motivating him to become one of the most famous swordsmen in the world.


He was originally the son of a famous Qin Dynasty assassinator, Jing Ke. His parents were killed while he was young, and he was adopted by an elderly family. Soon after, an inferno killed his adoptive parents, and he wandered around as a street boy. One month before the series began, he was found by Ge Nie, who took him under his wing. It is later revealed that he was struck with the Yin-Yang curse for a long time and that causes him insanity, thus motivating Ge Nie to find a person to cure him.

Martial Arts Abilities and Skills[edit]

His first martial art skill is learned in Season 3 from Chef Ding. The skill is called 'Knife of Dismembering Cows'. Even though the skill involves the usage of a knife and Tianming wants to learn sword techniques. He was persuaded by Chef Ding's legendary cooking of food. The negotiation of Tianming having to learn the technique before eating the food is what caused Tianming to learn the skill. He was able to defeat 8 robbers with the skill except with usage of the Anti-War Weapon (a sword).

Other skills or martial arts being used before Season 3 was already self-taught and learnt before the series started. It should be noted that even though Tianming is thought by others to be of mediocre intellect he is actually quite clever, and does not seem very smart due to a lack of education.


It was later revealed in the book, that Jing Tianming`s father is actually Jing Ke, the assassin that failed to assassinate King Qin. His mother is said to be named, Li Ji. Even though Jing Ke was not ever there for Tianming and abandoned him, Ge Nie eventually became a fatherlike figure towards him.


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