Jingle truck

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Jingle Truck
Colourful afghan truck.jpg
Manufacturer various
Assembly Central Asia
Body and chassis
Class Truck
Body style Multi-purpose vehicle
Engine Petroleum internal combustion

A jingle truck is a colourfully decorated truck, typically in Pakistan. It is a slang term for the customised trucks and buses common throughout the region.

They can also be found in Afghanistan.

Origin of term[edit]

The term comes from United States military slang, coined by servicemen in Afghanistan, although it may date to the British colonial period. The term came to be because of the "jingle" sound that the trucks make due to the chains hanging from the bumpers of the vehicles.

Also, the more "jingle" found on the trucks typically meant the more wealthy the owners were. It was a sign of success.


The trucks are painted in intricate patterns and bright colors, and chains and pendants often dangle off the front bumper.

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