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S32 Jingping Expressway (Chinese: 京平高速公路; pinyin: Jīngpíng Gāosùgōnglù) is an expressway in Beijing, China, with construction commencing in early 2005.

Construction stages[edit]

Construction is expected to follow in early 2005, with a stretch opened by 2006. By 2007, the entire expressway will have been completed in full. It is unknown when the expressway will head into Tianjin and link up with the Jinji Expressway.


This expressway is projected to head east. It is projected to begin at Yaojiayuan Bridge on the eastern 5th Ring Road and stretch to central Pinggu in eastern Beijing.

The route was "agreed in principle" by the planning authorities; however, the route was slightly altered. It would start at Liqiao on the 6th Ring Road and the Litian Expressway would link it. It is unclear if the original route (Yaojiayuan - Liqiao) still remains.


There would be connections at the following points:

In addition, a modified, express route version of Yaojiayuan Road would hook up the Jingping Expressway into central Beijing.