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靖西市 · Cingsih Si
County-level city
Coordinates: 23°08′N 106°25′E / 23.133°N 106.417°E / 23.133; 106.417Coordinates: 23°08′N 106°25′E / 23.133°N 106.417°E / 23.133; 106.417
Country People's Republic of China
Province Guangxi
Prefecture-level city Baise
Township-level divisions 8 towns
11 townships
County seat Xinjing (新靖镇)
 • Total 3,322 km2 (1,283 sq mi)
Elevation 748 m (2,454 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Total 629,800
 • Density 190/km2 (490/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)
Website http://www.gx.xinhuanet.com/bswz/jxx/

Jingxi (Chinese: 靖西市; pinyin: Jìngxī Shì, Zhuang: Cingsae Si) is a county-level city of western Guangxi, China. It is under the administration of Baise City.

Administrative divisions[edit]

There are 8 towns and 11 townships in the district:[1]




Jingxi's population was 605,100 (2010).[2] 99.71% of the people belong to the Zhuang ethnic group. The rest include Han, Yao, Miao,and other ethnic groups.[3]


David Holm (2010)[4] lists the following Zhuang dialects of Jingxi County, and provides comparative word lists for them as well. Holm (2010) notes that Zhuang dialects have not diversified gradually within Jingxi County, but are the results of mass migrations from other parts of Guangxi and even from Vietnam during the past several centuries.

  • Yang 洋/佯 (phu13 jaŋ54): Lingua franca of Jingxi County, spoken in county seat and most towns.
  • Nong 儂 (Nung, phu13 tsuŋ214): spoken in villages around the county seat. It has more conservative phonology than Yang, although Nong is closely related to Yang.
  • Zong 宗 (Tsung, phu13 tsuŋ214): in Longlin 龍臨, Sanhe 三合, Guole 果樂, and Nanpo 南坡 townships.
  • Long’an 儂安 (Nung’an, noŋ31 aːn54): in Longlin 龍臨, Sanhe 三合, Dajia 大甲, and Dadao 大道 townships. Northern Tai.
  • Sheng 省 (Seng, phu13 θeŋ2323): in Wuping 武平, Sanhe, Ande 安德, and Nanpo 南坡 (Dingjin 定金) townships. Northern Tai.
  • Rui 銳 (Yui, phu13 jui2323): in Quyang 渠洋, Longlin 龍臨, and Kuixu 魁墟 townships.
  • Zuozhou 左州 (Tsatsou, phu13 tsa54 tsou54): in Longlin 龍臨, Ande 安德, Sanhe 三合, and Wuping 武平 townships.
  • Fu: in Quyang 渠洋 township.



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