Jinhua dialect

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Jinhua dialect
Pronunciation [tɕiŋ˧uɑ˥uɑ˩˦]
Native to People's Republic of China
Region Jindong District and the east of Wucheng District, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province
Coordinates 29°06′N 119°39′E / 29.100°N 119.650°E / 29.100; 119.650
Language codes
ISO 639-3
ISO 639-6 jiua
Glottolog jinh1238[1]
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Jinhua dialect (Chinese: 金华话) is a dialect of Wu Chinese spoken in the city of Jinhua and the surrounding region.[2]

In Jinhua dialect, the name 金华话 is underlyingly /tɕiŋ˧˧˦ uɑ˧˩˧ uɑ˩˦/ and is pronounced [tɕiŋ˧uɑ˥uɑ˩˦].[2]:214


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