Jinji Lake

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Jinji Lake
Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) - West Bank of Jin Ji Lake.jpg
West bank of Jinji Lake
Location Suzhou, Jiangsu
Type Fresh water lake
Basin countries  China
Average depth 2.5 - 3 m (average)
Islands 2

Jinji Lake (simplified Chinese: 金鸡湖; traditional Chinese: 金雞湖; pinyin: Jīnjī Hú, literally Golden Rooster Lake) is a small fresh water lake located in the central part of Suzhou Industrial Park. It occupies an area of 7.18 square kilometers and its average depth is about 2.5 to 3 meters. There are two man-made islands in the lake.[1]

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Coordinates: 31°18′49″N 120°41′30″E / 31.313611°N 120.691667°E / 31.313611; 120.691667