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Jinling Hotel Nanjing (simplified Chinese: 金陵饭店; traditional Chinese: 金陵飯店; pinyin: Jīnlíng Fàndiàn) is a hotel in Nanjing, China, located near the city's Xinjiekou district. "Jinling" is an old name for Nanjing which is often used to refer to the city in a poetic context. The hotel was Nanjing's first modern hotel and is still often regarded as the pre-eminent five-star hotel in Nanjing. Jinling Hotel was the highest building in China.[1] The hotel also has nine restaurants of differing cuisine types.[2]

Famous guests[edit]

Wu Boxiong, chairman of Nationalist Party of China stayed the hotel for the third time on May 31, 2009. Yang Jiechi, Foreign Minister of China, stayed at the hotel on Jan 6, 2009; Nong Duc Manh, chairman of Viet Nam stayed at the hotel on June 12, 2008; Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany stayed at the hotel on August 28, 2007 Romano Prodi, premier of Italy stayed at the hotel on September 14, 2006

Jacques Rogge, chairman of International Olympic Committee came to the hotel on Oct 13, 2005; Wolfgang Schüssel, the premier of Austria came to the hotel with his government delegation on April 24, 2005' Deng Xiaoping, father of China reform, stayed at the hotel on Feb 17, 1997; China's Chairman Jiang Zeming and Kim Jong-il, Supreme Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, came to the hotel on Nov 1, 1991

The hotel was built in 1981 [3]


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