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Jinnah Avenue is an important road located in Blue Area, the main business district of Islamabad. It is one of the routes of Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metrobus.

Location and description[edit]

The avenue starts from Sector F-5/1 near the Parliament and ends at the roundabout of F-10 Markaz. The total length of the Avenue is around 8 kilometers. The avenue used to be a four-lane road but in the early 2000s it was converted into a six-lane road. By the end of 2008 it has become an eight-lane road.

The Jinnah Avenue has recently received a significant amount of foreign direct investment. Recently, construction completed on The Centaurus, a multi-purpose complex in the Blue Area which has residential and office towers, and a luxury hotel. It is home to many skyscrapers and highrise buildings.

Islamabad Stock Exchange[edit]

The Islamabad Stock Exchange building is also situated in the Blue Area.

The Centaurus[edit]

The Centaurus is a real estate skyscrapers project in the Blue area of Islamabad.

Saudi-Pak Tower[edit]

Main article: Saudi-Pak Tower

The Saudi Pak Tower is an office building in the Blue Area. It comprises 19 floors where more than a dozen multinational companies are operating, including European companies, American TV channels and multinational companies from Chinese and Middle Eastern regions.

Other Important Buildings[edit]