Jinseong of Silla

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Jinseong of Silla
Hangul 진성여왕
Hanja 眞聖女王
Revised Romanization Jinseong yeowang
McCune–Reischauer Chinsŏng yŏwang
Birth name
Hangul 김만, also 김원
Hanja 金曼, also 金垣
Revised Romanization Gim Man, also Gim Won
McCune–Reischauer Kim Man, also Kim Wŏn
Monarchs of Korea
  1. Munmu 661–681
  2. Sinmun 681–691
  3. Hyoso 692–702
  4. Seongdeok 702–737
  5. Hyoseong 737–742
  6. Gyeongdeok 742–765
  7. Hyegong 765–780
  8. Seondeok 780–785
  9. Wonseong 785–798
  10. Soseong 798–800
  11. Aejang 800–809
  12. Heondeok 809–826
  13. Heungdeok 826–836
  14. Huigang 836–838
  15. Minae 838–839
  16. Sinmu 839
  17. Munseong 839–857
  18. Heonan 857–861
  19. Gyeongmun 861–875
  20. Heongang 875–886
  21. Jeonggang 886–887
  22. Jinseong 887–897
  23. Hyogong 897–912
  24. Sindeok 912–917
  25. Gyeongmyeong 917–924
  26. Gyeongae 924–927
  27. Gyeongsun 927–935

Queen Jinseong of Silla (c.865-897) (r. 887–897) was the fifty-first ruler of the Korean kingdom, Silla. She was also Silla's third and last reigning queen (after Seondeok and Jindeok). Her reign saw the end of Unified Silla and the beginning of the Later Three Kingdoms period.

Jinseong was the daughter of King Gyeongmun and Queen Munui. The younger sister of Heongang and Jeonggang, she rose to the throne when both of her brothers died without issue. Though Seondeok and Jindeok's successful reigns were invoked to help Jinseong secure the throne, Silla's third queen regnant ultimately did not live up to the expectations of her predecessors.

Jinseong is noted in the Samguk Sagi for her immoral and licentious conduct, ranging from taking bribes to bringing attractive men into the palace and committing lewd acts with them. She also carried on an affair with the high commander (Gakgan) Wihong. The Samguk Sagi was written by Confucianists, who held a negative view of female rule, so the precise details therein should perhaps not be taken at face value.

In contrast, according to the records of Choe Chiwon, she was a good-hearted monarch with no greed.

During her reign, public order collapsed. Taxes could no longer be collected and the military conscription system failed. Taking advantage of this domestic disarray, Yang Gil in the northwest and Gyeon Hwon in the southwest rebelled and founded their own kingdoms.

In 895, Jinseong appointed Heongang's illegitimate son Kim Yo as Crown Prince. On July 4, 897, she abdicated the throne and later died on December 31, 897. She was buried to the north of Sajasa temple in Gyeongju.

She ordered the first compilation of hyangga works, Samdaemok, to be created.

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Jinseong of Silla
Born: c. 865 Died: 897
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Queen of Silla
Succeeded by
Gyeon Hwon