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Pronunciation [tɕy˦no˦] or [ki˦nʲo˦][1]
Region southern Yunnan (People's Republic of China)
Ethnicity Jino
Native speakers
21,000 (2007)[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Either:
jiu – Youle Jinuo
jiy – Buyuan Jinuo
Glottolog jino1236[3]

Jino (Jinuo; autonyms: tɕy˦no˦, ki˦nʲo˦) is a pair of Loloish languages spoken by the Jino people of Yunnan. The two languages, Youle and Buyuan, are not mutually intelligible. There is no official written form. Most Jino also speak one of the Tai languages or Chinese.


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