Jinxi County

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Jinxi County
Coordinates: 27°54′N 116°45′E / 27.900°N 116.750°E / 27.900; 116.750Coordinates: 27°54′N 116°45′E / 27.900°N 116.750°E / 27.900; 116.750
Country People's Republic of China
Province Jiangxi
Prefecture-level city Fuzhou
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Jinxi County (simplified Chinese: 金溪县; traditional Chinese: 金溪縣; pinyin: Jīnxī Xiàn) is a county of Jiangxi province, People's Republic of China. It is under the jurisdiction of the prefecture-level city of Fuzhou. Jinxi is the hometown of Mr.Lu Xiangshan(陆象山), a famous educator and thinker in the Southern Song Dynasty. He was honored as one of "the Great Confucianists of All Generations"in Chinese history as well as one of "China's Top Ten Thinkers".Jinxi has nurtured many famous figures, including Wei Su(危素), a famous historian in the Yuan Dynasty, Gong Tingxian(龚廷贤), a great medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty and Cai Shangxiang(蔡上翔), an outstanding scholar in the Qing Dynasty. Zhou Jianping(周建屏), the commander of the Red Tenth Army and one of the founders of Mingzhegan Revolution Base, also came from Jinxi. It has boasted two zhuangyuan, three bangyan and 242 jinshi since Jinxi County was founded.The figure is much higher than the average among the national counties.

Jinxi is the core zone of Linchuan culture as well as part and parcel of Gan culture. Jinxi County was founded in the fifth year of Chunhua of the Northern Song Dynasty (994 A.D.). Renowned for its important silver smelting site in the Tang Dynasty,the output of gold and silver in the ancient time and the golden streams running through the mountains,it was named Jinxi(golden stream).Some silver smelting relic sites and relevant inscriptions which were the earliest physically written record in ancient China's mining and metallurgy have still remained in the county. It used to be an important pottery and porcelain production base in the Song Dynasty, so a folklore goes "First Xiaopi Kiln, then Jingdezhen."


The population of the district was 300,000 in 2013.[1]

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