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Guangzhou Jinyi Film and Television Investment Co Ltd[1]
Traditional Chinese廣州金逸影视傳媒
Simplified Chinese广州金逸影视传媒股份有限公司

Jinyi Cinemas (simplified Chinese: 金逸电影; traditional Chinese: 金逸電影) is a cinema operator in China, headquartered in the Leedon Sunshine Hotel[2] (礼顿阳光大厦 Lǐdùn Yángguāng Dàshà) in Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.[3] As of 2004 the shares are with Guangzhou Performance Company and Guangzhou Jiayu Real Estate Development Company.[4] Some locations are named Jinyi International Cinemas. (金逸国际影城 Jīnyì Guójì Yǐngchéng).

In 2004 the company cooperated with Warner Brothers to build cinemas in South China.[4]

In 2014 the company failed to receive an IPO.[5]

In 2014 the company was the fifth-largest cinema chain in China by box office gross, with US$335.39 million.[6]


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