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Jiren was the capital of a large Oromo kingdom of Ethiopia until the late 19th century. It lies today in the northern suburbs of the city of Jimma, the center of the Oromia Region.


Originally named Hirmata, the city owed its importance in the 19th century to being located on the caravan route between Shewa and the Kingdom of Kaffa, as well as being situated only six miles from the palace of the King of the Kingdom of Jimma. According to Donald Levine, in the early 19th century the market, attracted thousands of people from neighboring regions: "Amhara from Gojjam and Shoa, Oromo from all the Gibe Kingdoms and numerous representatives of the Lacustrine and Omotic groups, including Timbaro, Qabena, Kefa, Janjero, Welamo, Konta and several others".[1]


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Coordinates: 7°49′N 36°41′E / 7.817°N 36.683°E / 7.817; 36.683