Jiřina Steimarová

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Jiřina Steimarová
Born (1916-01-24)January 24, 1916
Prague, Austria-Hungary
Died October 7, 2007(2007-10-07) (aged 91)
Prague, Czech Republic
Occupation Actor
Years active 1926-1936

Jiřina Steimarová (January 24, 1916, Prague, Austria–Hungary – October 7, 2007, Prague, Czech Republic) was a Czech film and television actress.

Steimarová made her screen debut in the controversial 1933 Hedy Lamarr film Ecstasy. She appeared in nearly 40 films and TV shows during her career.


Her parents were both actors. She was also the mother of actress Evelýna Steimarová and actor Jiří Kodet. Jiří Kodet, an award winning actor, predeceased his mother, dying from cancer in 2005.


Jiřina Steimarová died on October 7, 2007, aged 91.

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