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Jiro Harada (原田 次郎, Harada Jirō) (10 November 1894- 20 December 1989) was a Lieutenant-General in the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II.


Jiro Harada was the commander of the IJA 100th Division during the Battle of Mindanao,[1]:622 one of the strongest forces in the area. He was in charge of most of the defenses on the island, along with Lt. Gen. Gyosaku Morozumi and Rear Admiral Naoji Doi. Despite his bravery, Harada had to retreat, also refusing to defend the city of Davao. At Kibangay, the pursuit halted and Harada was able to stop the long and tiring retreat. He ordered his troops to disperse and forage in the mountains, effectively disbanding the 100th Division.


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