Jiro Matsumoto

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Jiro Matsumoto
Born August 20, 1970
Nerima, Tokyo
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Manga artist
Website Jiro Matsumoto's homepage

Jiro Matsumoto (Japanese: 松本次郎 Hepburn: Matsumoto Jiro?) is a Japanese manga artist most known for his work on Freesia.[1] Much of his manga is explicit in nature, frequently containing copious amounts of sex and violence.[1]

Matsumoto's work Becchin & Mandara was released in English August 2011 as Velveteen & Mandala by North American publisher Vertical Inc.[2] Other works by Matsumoto include Uncivilized Planet, Keep on Vibrating, Wendy, Avant-Pop Mars, Little Feet, A Revolutionist in the Afternoon and Tropical Citron


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