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Jitamitra Prasad Singh Deo (born 29 August 1946) is an Indian historian and archaeologist. He is from Khariar, Nuapada, Orissa, India.[1] He is the president of Khariar Sahitya Samiti. He is a famous archaeologist and authors of several books on Orissa. He has discovered of pre-historic rock art of Yogimath Donger,[2] Ghat Ghumar rock art copper plates, gold coins of Satabhapuriya dynasty, clay seal, stone seal of Panduvamsi dynasty, Kalachuri coins,[3] terracotas, beads and sculpture of various types.


Following are some of his highly cited books:

  • Cultural Profile of South Kosal
  • Origin of Jagannath Deity
  • Tantric Art of Orissa[4]
  • Character Assassination in Modern History of Orissa.

Award and honors[edit]

  • World's Best Literature Certificate[5]


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