Jiulong River

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Jiulong River
Traditional Chinese 九龍
Simplified Chinese 九龙
Literal meaning Nine-Dragon River
Chinese 北溪
Literal meaning North Creek
Chinese 西溪
Literal meaning West Creek
Former names
Traditional Chinese 龍江
Simplified Chinese 龙江
Literal meaning Dragon River

The Jiulong River, formerly known as the Longjiang,[a] is the largest river in southern Fujian and the second largest in the province. It has a length of 258 kilometers (160 mi) and a basin of 14,700 square kilometers (5,700 sq mi). Like all Fujianese rivers but one, it flows into the Taiwan Strait.[3]


The Beixi rises in the prefecture of Longyan; it flows east into the prefecture of Zhangzhou, where it merges with the Xixi to form the Jiulong. The Xixi, almost as long, begins in Zhangzhou's rural Pinghe County. The combined stream flows past the urban districts of Zhangzhou proper and empties into Xiamen Bay on the Taiwan Strait.[4]

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  1. ^ This name was formerly romanized Lung Keang[1] or Kiang.[2]


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Coordinates: 24°35′43″N 117°49′05″E / 24.595207°N 117.818069°E / 24.595207; 117.818069