Jiutou Zhiji Jing

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Zhi ji Jing Spirit with a pheasant's head

Jiutou Zhiji Jing (Chinese: 九头雉鸡精; Pinyin: Jiǔtóu Zhìjī Jīng; roughly Nine Pheasant Splendor) is a yaojing, changed from a pheasant with nine heads. She is a character featured within the famed classic Chinese novel Investiture of the Gods.

Like both Pipa Jing and Daji, Zhiji Jing is one of three specters under Nu Wa. In appearance, Zhiji Jing wore a large red robe, a silk sash around her slim waist, and small red linen shoes. She also possessed beautiful eyes like that of an autumn lake. Once Daji headed to the tomb of the Yellow Emperor to retrieve Zhiji Jing - along with her other fox cohorts - Zhiji Jing would be shown for the first time.

Daji had intended to bring her friends to a banquet disguised as heavenly maidens to trick the king. Once the true forms of Zhiji Jing and her allies were revealed to Vice Prime Minister Bi Gan, and each specter returned to their original layer, Huang Feihu would set out and turn their home into flames; a resolution that killed every specter except Splendor herself. Following this event, Daji would return to the tomb of the Yellow Emperor and find her sister, Zhiji Jing, the only survivor. However, she would head back to Zhaoge with Daji disguised as an even more beautiful woman. While disguised as a woman, Zhiji Jing would play along with her sister's scheme by spending some personal time with King Zhou. In short time, Zhiji Jing would decide to stay with the king at Zhaoge instead of living in the mountains as previously.