Jiuxiang Scenic Region

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Diehong Bridge, a subterranean natural arch in the Jiuxiang Scenic Region

Jiuxiang Scenic Region (Chinese: 九乡风景区) is located in Jiuxiang Yi and Hui Autonomous Township of Yiliang County 90 km away from central Kunming, Yunnan Province, China.

It is famous for its caves, mountains, rivers, deep valleys, minority customs and cultures.

Jiuxiang Scenic Region consists of 5 major scenic spots:

  • Diehong Bridge (Chinese: 叠虹桥)
  • Sanjiao Cave
  • Dasha Dam
  • Alulong
  • Mingyue Lake.

Diehong Bridge itself includes six major scenic spots: the Green Shady Valley, the White Elephant Cave, the Goddess Cave, the Lying Dragon Cave, the Bat Cave and the Tourist Cableway.


Coordinates: 25°04′34″N 103°20′39″E / 25.07611°N 103.34417°E / 25.07611; 103.34417