Jiuyi Mountains

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Jiuyi Range
Jiuyi Range is located in China
Jiuyi Range
Jiuyi Range
Location in China
Highest point
Elevation1,959 m (6,427 ft)
Coordinates25°25′15″N 113°2′49″E / 25.42083°N 113.04694°E / 25.42083; 113.04694Coordinates: 25°25′15″N 113°2′49″E / 25.42083°N 113.04694°E / 25.42083; 113.04694
LocationHunan, China
Parent rangeMengzhu Mountains, Nanling Range

The Jiuyi Mountains (Chinese: 九嶷山 Jiuyi Shan) are a mountain range in Hunan province, China. They are located in the Yongzhou, Ningyuan and Lanshan region, bordering Guangdong province.[1] They are part of the Mengzhu Mountains of the Nanling Range.

These mountains are reputed to be the burial place of Emperor Shun in ancient Chinese tradition.[2][3]