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Jlime Linux
DeveloperKristoffer Ericson and Jlime Community
OS familyLinux (Unix-like)
Source modelOpen source
Latest release1.01 / November 6, 2006
PlatformsSH3 (Jornada 6xx)
ARM (Jornada 7xx, MobilePro 900/900c)
MIPS (Ben Nanonote, MobilePro 7xx/8xx)
Kernel typeMonolithic kernel
user interface
Console, OPIE, IceWM
Official website(defunct) www.jlime.com

Jornada Linux Mobility Edition or JLime is a Linux distribution originally aimed for the HP Jornada platform. It was created in late 2003 by Kristoffer Ericson and Henk Brunstin. It is developed using the OpenEmbedded build system.

History and name[edit]

The work on JLime began in late 2003 due to the need for a working Linux distribution on the HP 6xx Jornada platform. The idea behind JLime is a distribution that brings speed and portability to the Jornada. The Jornada had been unsupported in 2.6 kernel (due to lack of developers / test machines) and first year was focused on enabling support. 2.6.9 was the first kernel to be able to boot.

In early February 2006 the JLime site was renovated by the JLime forum user "chazco".[1]

Later development added the NEC Mobilepro 900 and Ben NanoNote among the supported devices.

JLime installer[edit]

JLime developers "Chazco" and "B_Lizzard" created an initrd based installation tool which can install JLime onto the Jornada 6xx without the need of any Linux machine, however development of this method has halted and has not been applied to any handheld PC other than the jornada 6xx. Most PDA systems use flash memory, but the Jornada handheld computers lack this facility. Therefore, JLime is installed onto a (partitioned) compact flash card. The installer uses a text based dialog orientated interface.

Package management[edit]

JLime uses a minimalistic tool of APT called ipkg to handle packages (see package management system), it can install/remove/update through any existing internet connection or locally. Packages are downloaded from so-called feed repositories and dependencies are handled automatically.[2]

IceWM on Jornada[edit]

JLime is a fully functioning Linux distro and currently uses IceWM window manager as a GUI 'environment'. JLime includes the following applications with IceWM: Minimo, XChat, dillo, Rox-filer, Abiword, Leafpad, Torsmo and a few other useful applications.

Developer List[edit]

Here is the list of the current active developers involved in the JLiME project.[3]

Kernel maintainers[edit]

  • Kristoffer Ericson (kristoffer) - kernel hp6xx/hp7xx
  • Rafael Ignacio Zurita (rafa) - kernel hp6xx
  • Michael Petchkovsky (cosmo0) - kernel mp900

Package maintainers[edit]

  • Alex Palestras (B_lizzard) - packages hp6xx (OE)
  • Matt Oudenhoven (wicked) - packages hp7xx/mp900 (OE)

Site maintainers[edit]

  • chazco - General maintenance - webmaster

Past maintainers[edit]

  • Jan Misiak (fijam) - Documentation maintainer & Kernel Tester (2006 - Oct 2007)


Release Name Platform Date
Shrek [HP] 620/660/680/690
  • Summer 2004 - Obsolete
Donkey [HP] 620/660/680/690
  • 0.5.0, August 6, 2006
  • 1.0.0, October 31, 2006 - The Official release
  • 1.0.1, November 6, 2006 - Bugfix release
  • IceWM, 2008
Vargtass [HP] 620/660/680/690
  • November 1, 2008 - 5.0pre4
Mongo [HP] 720/728
  • Opie Userland March 16, 2008 - Stable
  • IceWM Userland March 16, 2008 - Stable
Farquaad [NEC] 770/780/790/800/880
  • Hasn't released yet
Henchman [NEC] 900/900c
  • 02-20-08, February 20, 2008
Muffinman Ben Nanonote
  • 19-12-10, December 19, 2010

JLime developed ports[edit]

Release Name HP Jornada Supported port of
Shlack 620/660/680/690
  • Slackware
Manfred 620/660/680/690
  • Debian Sarge
Stark (not released yet) 720/728
  • ArchLinux
Shark (not released yet) 620/660/680/690
  • ArchLinux

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