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Jason "J Mann" Popson
J Mann.jpg
Jason "J Mann" Popson during a live performance.
Background information
Also known as J-Mann
Born (1971-11-02) November 2, 1971 (age 45)
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Genres Alternative metal, industrial metal, experimental metal, nu metal
Occupation(s) Musician, Rapper
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1990 – present
Labels Fractured Transmitter
Associated acts Mushroomhead, In Cold Blood, Integrity 2000, Crossfader, AM Factory, Rape Whistle, Lost Vegas, State of Conviction, Unified Culture, The Alter Boys, 10,000 Cadillacs, Pitch Black Forecast, (216), One Life Crew, Scelestus

Jason Johnny Popson (born November 2, 1971[1] in Cleveland, Ohio) is an American musician, rapper and vocalist for the band Mushroomhead taking the stage name J-Mann. Prior to his initial departure from the band, he was identified by his face paint based on Dead Presidents, but since 2014, he wears a mask like the rest of the band.


Popson quit Mushroomhead in mid-2004 due to being overworked and his father being ill. Though it was previously confirmed that Popson would be featured on Mushroomhead's new studio album Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children, it was revealed in an interview with Mushroomhead's lead singer Jeffrey Nothing that he would no longer be on the album. No specific reason was given. Popson began making periodic stage appearances during Mushroomhead songs some time around 2008 and has since performed with them numerous times, including filling in for an entire show in 2011 when Waylon Reavis was sick and unable to perform. As of 2013 J-mann announced on his personal Facebook that he has returned to the band.

Popson is an actor and musician who has been involved with the industry since the early 1990s. It has been hinted lyrically and in vague interviews that he was raised by a single parent—his mother—following the departure of his father from his life at a young age. However, Popson later regained a relationship with his father, which played a pivotal role in him leaving Mushroomhead.

Popson's father, John, died in September 2006 and in memory of his father, Popson performed a concert at Peabody's Down Under in Cleveland, Ohio on September 29, 2006. The concert acted as a benefit for his father's funeral, and featured Popson performing songs from many of his previous and current bands.

Popson is also in a groove metal band with former Strapping Young Lad/Death drummer Gene Hoglan called Pitch Black Forecast which also features Robert Reinard on guitar and Craig Martini recording studio bass. Martini performed in Pitch Black Forecast's inaugural shows, but was then replaced by Steve Rauckhorst for live shows. The band also added guitarist Tom Shafner to its lineup. Pitch Black Forecast was formerly known as Absentee and the group's first release was on Popson's Melvins tribute album—released through his record label Fractured Transmitter— titled We Reach: The Melvins when the band performed a cover of the song "Revolve." Pitch Black Forecast officially released its new EP "Burning in Water ... Drowning in Flame" on Aug. 11, 2012. It was released independently.

Popson's newest project, titled Scelestus (pronounced sha-less-tus), released an EP through Megaforce Records on May 10. The metal project also features Steve "Skinny" Felton of Mushroomhead and Tommy Church from Mushroomhead and Tenafly Viper. An LP is said to be in the works, but no official release date or confirmation has been reported. In 2013, he confirmed his return to Mushroomhead. His new mask resembles an undead spartan soldier. Jason Popson has been known from his deep voice, being similar to Waylon Reavis's voice.

Popson participates in various side-projects, including:

  • Pitch Black Forecast
  • In Cold Blood
  • Integrity
  • Crossfader
  • AM Factory
  • Rape Whistle
  • Lost Vegas
  • State of Conviction
  • Unified Culture
  • (216)
  • The Alter Boys
  • 10,000 Cadillacs
  • Bitch Wrangler
  • Scelestus
  • Scelestus (Version 2)



10,000 Cadillacs[edit]

  • Reap The Whirlwind (1999)
  • Be My Guide EP (2000)
  • 10K (2015)


  • (216)/Schnauzer (1997)
  • Two One Six (1998)
  • Theme Song (Individual song released on Kingsbury Run Compilation album in 2000)

AM Factory[edit]

(Only one song ever released, which was included on the Mushroomhead Inc. Sampler album)

  • "Deuce Balloon"

Lost Vegas[edit]

(only two songs have been released)

  • "All Bets Down"
  • "It's Not Unusual" (Tom Jones Cover)

Rape Whistle[edit]

(only three songs have been released)

  • "Playmate of the Year"
  • "SKS"
  • "Crowd Extermination"


(Only five songs were released, one of which was included on the Kingsbury Run Compilation Album)

  • "Death is certain...Life is not" (2000)

Other tracks

"Sew the Seed" "An eye for an eye" "Restitution" "Tear gas and gas masks"

Bitch Wrangler[edit]

(No official album release. These three songs are posted on the band's Myspace page)

  • "Ballad of Glenn Schwartz"
  • "Masochist"
  • "Sycamore"

In Cold Blood[edit]

  • Hell on Earth (1998)

State of Conviction[edit]

  • Thoughts Light Fires (1996)
  • A Call to Arms (1997) (2004 re-release through FTRC)

Unified Culture[edit]

  • Funkcore (1994)
  • To Know What's Up...You Have To Be Down (1995)
  • Contra-band (2016)

Pitch Black Forecast[edit]

  • Absentee (2008)
  • Burning in Water... Drowning In Flames (EP) (2012)
  • As the World Burns (Album)(2014)


  • Integrity 2000
  • Project Regenisis

The Alter Boys[edit]


  • EP (May 2011)


Popson acted in a short film called Client 3815 with Ryan Dunn for the 2004 Philadelphia Film Festival. The film is an improvised acclaimed thriller. Popson plays the role of Franklin, an employee at "Dream Control" who gets trapped in a client's dream along with a co-worker.


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